Rendering Volumetrically, Rendering Queerly


  • Vítor Blanco-Fernández



rendering, queer, research, virtual reality,, contemporary art


The main aim of this article is to describe the conceptual basis and challenges of the project Volumetric Frictions. Volumetric Frictions is a queer virtual reality resulting from my will to render my ongoing PhD research (“Digital Speculation, Volumetric Fictions. Volumetric/3D CGI within the queer contemporary debate”) differently. To contextualize the project, I start by addressing contemporary debates about the role of queer, and the practice of queering, in academic institutions. Then, I move forward to describe my PhD research and its pro-visional results. I name these results “volumetric frictions”, as they define crossing paths between queer theories and 3D/volumetric aesthetics. Finally, I summarize some of the challenges currently being faced in the design of the project. Throughout the article, I make use of contemporary 3D/volumetric art to illustrate ideas, concepts, and possible solutions.