Towards the Operative Objects of Post-Capitalism: A Critical Cultural- And Media-Theoretical Refusal on the Chilean Case (1973-2023)


  • Dusan Cotoras
  • Joaquín Zerené
  • Diego Gómez-Venegas



Capitalist Realism, Theory-Fiction, Chile, Social Uprising, Technological Subjects, Networks


This essay aims to unfold a refusal on what we understand have been the historical hegemonic modes of social and cultural research under capitalist realism; that is, the politico-economic system ruling the West and beyond since the 1970s onwards. To do so, we present an updated approach to analyze Chilean social and cultural history during this period, insofar as it is, we argue, a paradigmatic case to critically understand capitalist realism in general. Thus, the essay is formed by three main parts: a) a historical presentation and contextualization of the case in that period, deployed in three fragments; b) the development of a critical cultural- and media-theoretical set of concepts that are instrumental to analyze the case; and c) a proposal that allows us to project the analysis’ insights towards the present and beyond. Particularly from this latter part, but more clearly in a final short conclusion, the proposal and its potential stems from a theory-fiction approach.